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So… yeszir.

I have really enjoyed my time in the A. I had a very rough start and was wondering if I was thinking clearly when I planned to come down.  After a too many drinks on Friday night I was thanking myself.  Whenever I come to the A, I party it up and have all the fun that is banned from my daily life.  There’s only one problem now – I’m dreading going back home.

Met a 89% prospect. More details later.

Atlanta Football Classic

Atlanta Football Classic

I was at the Atlanta Football Classic.  Dear Tennessee State University – stop sucking at clutch moments. I was really pulling for TSU and they let me down. Either way, that was a great experience.  I’ll post some photos of that tomorrow morning I suppose.

TI’s birthday bash is at Velvet Room tonight in Atlanta.  I don’t have anything to wear so I probably won’t go to that.  Plus, I need to head out and get back to the lab.  My E. coli are counting on me to return.


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09/28/2008 at 6:46 pm

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