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“I used to dream…oh oh. About the money, the cars, and boys!
Now I see…oh oh… ’cause I’m sitting on top of the world!”

Dear TI and Ludacris,

Thank you for helping me go to the lab today and handle my business.  When I defend my thesis and graduate in a timely manner I will make sure to send you a thank you note along with an invite to my extravaganza.

Please & Thank You,

So, I’m loving Paper Trail.  I actually bought it.  Along with Something Else (Robin Thicke).  Allow me to say that I all the way stan for Rock City.  Love them dudes – and please put the album out!  Ride for Obama? Oh yes!

Things in the lab are on the up and up.  The crazy thing is that I just came back from Atlanta.  I really didn’t want to leave but them bishes don’t have any gas.  Had to get up outta there!  But back to the grind… I came into the lab late last night to start a couple of things.  I rolled into lab around 11am and the science warlocks smiled upon me… meaning my experiment worked.  Now I have to do some simple confirmations. I am two days away from the greatest discovery – okay maybe not, but I have to tell myself that to show up on a daily basis.

“…Just livin’ my life!”


Written by zdubb

10/02/2008 at 11:28 am

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