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Impulse Moves.

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When most people refer to making impulsive moves, they’re usually referring to very small projects.

“Oh I think I’ll bake a cake.”
“Forget it. I quit.”

I’ve decided that I love Ryan Leslie’s new album…and I’m not the gushing type.  I tire of things fairly quickly…actually I’m going to change that. I tire of things at rates comparable to the speed of light.  Yet, I find myself playing this album over and over and over again.  My Last.FM scrobbler is probably gonna have that name BURNED into the window!

Well, I cannot find reliable tour info about him.  The websites I visited show two dates in March at S.O.B.’s.  Hmm…  If that’s the only time you plan to perform Mr. Leslie, I will have to save up my measly stipend and hopefully a tax refund check.  This morning I decided that I am going to NY next week or two weeks… whenever it is. I must be there.  Now this isn’t such a big deal, but that also means I must completely characterize my mutant library before I go.

E. coli...

E. coli...

Oh science, you make a girl’s dreams so difficult.

From Here...

From Here...

....to here.

....to here.

End of Transmission.


Written by zdubb

02/23/2009 at 10:20 am

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