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What makes people so ridiculous? I mean seriously.

So, I’m back on the hunt for a place to stay.  My lease is up July 1, but I’ll probably moving into the next place a little bit sooner than that.  Either way, there are these condos that I love, and I actually have a friend who moved into one.

I was surfing on Craigslist this morning, and I realized that there’s a condo in that community for a very good price.  The listers didn’t say which building or what floor the unit was on.  So, I sent them an email and they asked me to come by and check it out.

I shoot him a text message when I’m on the way to the place: “Hey, I’m meeting some people in your neighborhood”

Low and behold: It’s right next door to the jerk I mentioned earlier. (Yes, I’m aware that he has morphed from a friend into a jerk – it happens.)

Initially I did not know this, so I’m like ugggh.  He replies: “cool. are you stopping by?”

I shoot back: “I’m next door”

He says: “Next door where?”

I say: “The unit next to yours”

Meanwhile, I’m FALLING IN LOVE with the place, which has a completely different floorplan than his, and is perfect for me.  I continue to chat with the owners then text him to let him know I’m no longer there.  His response?

“I told you to stop by”

::::STOP THE RECORD:::: You TOLD me to come by?  You have to know how much of a jerk he is to truly get the meaning behind all this.  I call, and we do phonetag for ~45 minutes.  When we finally speak, he says so you were looking at renting the place next door? I told him yes and that I didn’t know it was right beside him.  His first thought is “Oh, are you gonna rent it because that would be weird sharing bedroom walls with someone I know.” Dude, this is not about you.  He continues to bitch some more and get all up in my mix about how much the rent is there.  None of you business! If you’re so concerned do your own research.  Dude is mad nosey.

Everything was directly about him at no point did he ask if I really liked the place beyond whether or not I’d be his neighbor.  He didn’t say crap, knowing I’ve been struggling to find a place to move.  He did mention me once more, griping “I would never be next door to you and not even stop by and speak… that’s just rude… ”

If I move there, I hope his sentiments change.


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03/14/2009 at 3:52 pm

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