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Must Be Love…

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Lately, I’ve been having some separation anxiety.

Enter, my new boo:

My Baby is Green

My Baby is Green

Thursday, I thought I lost my baby.  I was downright frantic and breaking out in a nervous sweat.  I was back to carrying plastic water bottles and dirtying the Earth.  Where was the Camelbak?!  Keep Reading…


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04/15/2009 at 9:53 pm


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I’m still alive.

I feel like these past few weeks I have been doing everything and nothing, all at the same time.  I am dead tired every morning and night, but at the end of the day I feel like I haven’t accomplished much.  The semester is nearing an end, so I hope this will lighten the load a little bit.

My Evolutionary Genetics course turned out to be 10 times better than I previously thought.  I forced myself to actually study for the last two tests rather than simply glancing over the material.  I pulled some pretty decent grades out the hat.  A 91 and an 88.  They’ll do.  Everyone knows grad students can’t worry about grades; we have to worry about our research.  Speaking of research… that’s been slowly going down the drain.  But I think it’s because you either do well in classes and suck in the lab or do well in lab and are completely lost in your classes.  There simply are not enough hours in the day.  There was a proposal due for this class, and I settled on sexual selection in Drosophila.  I know that sounds a wee bit vague, but we ended up narrowing it down to seminal fluid protein Acp62F and the  cost of mating in female Drosophila melanogaster. This was totally away from my area of DNA damage and repair in E. coli, but I found myself really enjoying the work and the story behind it.  I wouldn’t mind learning some fly techniques.  Add that to my science things to do list, right under Mixed-species Biofilms!

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04/06/2009 at 8:13 am

Sunday Summary

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Last week’s soundtrack was: The-Dream’s Love v. Money

This has been a crazy week.  I feel like I cannot get anything done in the lab without slacking in every other area.  Like my advisor said, “Grad school is a lesson in efficiency.”

My project is taking off…thank God!  But I keep running into little snafu-s.  Molecular cloning is not my friend right now.  A couple weeks ago, I championed myself as the master of cloning troubleshooting.  Now, I’m face to face with a mystery.  Hopefully some additional controls will let me know where my experiment is going wrong.

I’m gearing up for my first committee meeting.  This is my first step towards my preliminary exam.  It’s something like the end of the world in my mind.  I know it’s coming, but I just don’t want to think about it.  Each day, I just try to chip away at this big block of chaos.

Thursday, I had the honor of hearing Dr. Lewis Johnson from FAMU speak to a group of minority graduate students in the sciences.  He presented a series of quotes from a variety of sources – like Benjamin Mays to Guinan from Star Trek The Next Generation – and spoke about how the applied to the graduate school process and entering academia.  It was pretty interesting.

My Evolutionary Genetics test went well … I believe.  My Dad laughs whenever I tell him that I think I did well on something so I’m going to celebrate.  He says it’s like grading my own paper – of course I’ll be lenient and explain the errors away.

I woke up this morning and treated myself to some strawberry pancakes.  I deserved something nice.  A cup of blueberry coffee and some Bisquick pancakes with fresh strawberries.  I didn’t even bother to make them from scratch.  Don’t judge me!

Well I’m headed to school to meet with this girl and discuss Drosophila seminal fluid proteins… yuck!  Then I have to prepare for the rest of this week in the lab.

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03/22/2009 at 10:35 am

Impulse Moves.

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When most people refer to making impulsive moves, they’re usually referring to very small projects.

“Oh I think I’ll bake a cake.”
“Forget it. I quit.”

I’ve decided that I love Ryan Leslie’s new album…and I’m not the gushing type.  I tire of things fairly quickly…actually I’m going to change that. I tire of things at rates comparable to the speed of light.  Yet, I find myself playing this album over and over and over again.  My Last.FM scrobbler is probably gonna have that name BURNED into the window!

Well, I cannot find reliable tour info about him.  The websites I visited show two dates in March at S.O.B.’s.  Hmm…  If that’s the only time you plan to perform Mr. Leslie, I will have to save up my measly stipend and hopefully a tax refund check.  This morning I decided that I am going to NY next week or two weeks… whenever it is. I must be there.  Now this isn’t such a big deal, but that also means I must completely characterize my mutant library before I go.

E. coli...

E. coli...

Oh science, you make a girl’s dreams so difficult.

From Here...

From Here...

....to here.

....to here.

End of Transmission.

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02/23/2009 at 10:20 am

Compound Troubles

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As if it wasn’t enough that my arms feel like Jell-O, I have to deal with another irritating issue.  The night before last and half-way through yesterday it snowed.  Of course this was wonderful at said moment because I was planning to skip work and watch the inauguration festivities on tv and comment with some friends on the http://www.cnn.com/live jumpoff with Facebook.

Well, when I was driving home from the gym last night, I noticed that my oil light came on.  Very strange.  This morning I warmed my car up, preparing to head to lab.  Things didn’t flow as smoothly as I would have liked.  As I drove towards school, the main thing I noticed was my car…shaking.  ::Blank Stare::  What the thunder?  I did what any female in my position would do – I called my Dad.

So now I’m sitting here at the Wal-Mart Automotive Center.  Hang me please.

A certified goon – probably LaTarian’s big sister – just walked up and sat down at the bench near me.  I was talking on my cell phone (quietly) and working on this entry when she whips out her Multimedia Boombox Cell Phone and plays Chris Brown’s “Take You Down” out loud.  No earbuds, no naaaahthing.  And then you have the gall to turn the volume up.  I politely gave her a glaring stare.  You think it bothered this trollop?  Not at all.  Then I looked over and saw exactly what was wrong.  I mistook her for LaTarian’s older sister when she is CLEARLY Eli Porter’s fam.  She was real dead about the eyes.  Ignorance officially excused. Now I am typing to a hoodrat’s playlist and have the pleasure of hearing Plies – Please Excuse My Hands.  I am so tempted to take a photo with MacBook.  Oh, if only this thing had a camera on the back [inside the apple logo…wouldn’t that be hot?] and I wouldn’t have to turn the laptop completely around…

She is checking out. Whew!  I feel like Oprah Winfrey in The Color Purple.
“And when I seen’d you, I knew there was a GOD!”

These two Caucasian ladies have come in with her kids

Now that my eyes and ears can breathe a sigh of relief.. *le sigh*
On to other compound trouble news.
My beloved pink iPod nano – the old school one with the aluminum… has died.  This morning, I went to plug it up to my speakers to get my day started.  A Tribe Called Quest is forever implanted on the screen at 0:00.  I pressed play, Menu, the center button and all of that – nothing helped.  Rest In Peace would probably be best suited here.  But I’m trying to resuscitate her.  Pink Panther – hold on.
How will I ever make it through my cardio warm up, if I cannot have Just Fine or Single Ladies blaring into my ear drum? iPod guilty pleasure? Trina.  I know, i know…

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01/21/2009 at 1:32 pm

Strange and Unusual.

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Two strange things happened yesterday.

Me: Did you get a hair cut?
Guy Classmate: Yeah, I cut my hair with meat scissors haha!
Me: Do you mean poultry shears?
Guy Classmate: Oh yeah… that’s what I meant.  Is that what they’re called?
Nosey Girl Classmate: Well did you at least wash them first? Because that would just be gross..

Time goes on and I arrive in lab…
Labmate #1: You should vote in [3rd or 4th largest city in the state]. Your vote will count more there.
Me: What?
Labmate #1: You know..that’s like um middle America so your vote will count more.
Labmate #2: There is no difference.  All of North Carolina’s votes are counted together.
Me: Yeah, there’s no electoral college for counties!
Labmate #1: I am going to canvass this weekend to get support for Barack Obama.
Thoughts to self: What the hell kind of WRONG information will SHE be giving people?

I need a break from this place.

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10/23/2008 at 11:43 am


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“I used to dream…oh oh. About the money, the cars, and boys!
Now I see…oh oh… ’cause I’m sitting on top of the world!”

Dear TI and Ludacris,

Thank you for helping me go to the lab today and handle my business.  When I defend my thesis and graduate in a timely manner I will make sure to send you a thank you note along with an invite to my extravaganza.

Please & Thank You,

So, I’m loving Paper Trail.  I actually bought it.  Along with Something Else (Robin Thicke).  Allow me to say that I all the way stan for Rock City.  Love them dudes – and please put the album out!  Ride for Obama? Oh yes!

Things in the lab are on the up and up.  The crazy thing is that I just came back from Atlanta.  I really didn’t want to leave but them bishes don’t have any gas.  Had to get up outta there!  But back to the grind… I came into the lab late last night to start a couple of things.  I rolled into lab around 11am and the science warlocks smiled upon me… meaning my experiment worked.  Now I have to do some simple confirmations. I am two days away from the greatest discovery – okay maybe not, but I have to tell myself that to show up on a daily basis.

“…Just livin’ my life!”

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10/02/2008 at 11:28 am