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Strange and Unusual.

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Two strange things happened yesterday.

Me: Did you get a hair cut?
Guy Classmate: Yeah, I cut my hair with meat scissors haha!
Me: Do you mean poultry shears?
Guy Classmate: Oh yeah… that’s what I meant.  Is that what they’re called?
Nosey Girl Classmate: Well did you at least wash them first? Because that would just be gross..

Time goes on and I arrive in lab…
Labmate #1: You should vote in [3rd or 4th largest city in the state]. Your vote will count more there.
Me: What?
Labmate #1: You know..that’s like um middle America so your vote will count more.
Labmate #2: There is no difference.  All of North Carolina’s votes are counted together.
Me: Yeah, there’s no electoral college for counties!
Labmate #1: I am going to canvass this weekend to get support for Barack Obama.
Thoughts to self: What the hell kind of WRONG information will SHE be giving people?

I need a break from this place.


Written by zdubb

10/23/2008 at 11:43 am